Channel letter signs are a superior signage choice for many applications. Each channel letter has an individual structure and separate illumination, resulting in a professional and highly visible signage presentation. Channel letter signs can be produced in almost any font, color or size. Channel letters and dimensional letters can be fabricated from aluminum, stainless steel or other materials that can be internally illuminated or non-illuminated. Channel letters offer a 3-D visual sign presentation that is very functional and attractive.

LED Channel Letters

LED channel letters are the most common letter type now, as neon illumination has decreased. LED channel letter illumination has improved dramatically in the past few years, and in most cases can equal or outperform neon illumination. LED Illuminated Channel Letters are energy efficient, low voltage, and low maintenance. The lightweight design of an LED module virtually eliminates breakage. LED Illuminated Channel Letters provide the opportunity to create savings over a long period of time.

Non-illuminated Channel Letters

Non-Illuminated Channel Letters are a great way to afford the sign of choice without the added cost of illumination. Illumination can be added at a later date, when it works into your budget.